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The Death of a Ruby
The Death of a Ruby
The glittering stone now lies shattered
Upon the cold earth... and there it glows
Devoid of life, yet still enamoured.
Thundering, and hurtful were the last blows.
A heart still beats, but waning is the light.
There she came, and filled my heart with warmness.
She seemed so beautiful... so pure, so bright.
Yet she hid herself under a cloak of darkness.
Darkness can fade, but lost is my way.
Never again will I witness the brilliance of that light.
I can finally give in to the eternal pain
Of helplessness. Now, I must give in to plight.
And the red stone ceases to glow, the heart stops beating
Its race interrupted, its love now without a goddess.
And the now-fading light reminds me of fleeting
Illusions and fantasies, of a long-lost happiness.
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 0 3
Queen of Hearts.
As blue as blue sapphire
Still shine your eyes;
Cold is their stare
Yet warmly it entices.
Happiness to be found
In your barren emptiness,
Like a dream of unicorns
And sweet creatures of love.
Nothing it brings.
Lo, it has happened,
Empty humans still striving
To seek happiness in one another.
But this plight will not happen
Once again. It is written.
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 0 1
Beyond the Gates -Distortion- by LightsideLuce Beyond the Gates -Distortion- :iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 0 0
Beyond the Gates -Poem-
Beyond the Gates
Fires of hatred, lakes of destiny,
Beyond the gates, they stand ready.
Awaiting the passing of all of humanity,
Beyond the gates, something awakens.
The master of dreams and the gatekeeper
Beyond the gates, awaiting His orders.
And the parade falls to the grim reaper
Beyond the gates, cloaked in shadows.
The only courageous enough to survive
Beyond the gates, have met their match.
Seeing futility in their desire to strive
Beyond the gates... they have been crushed.
They follow and proceed, as if out of a mold
Beyond the gates, unable to cope
With the destruction of their small world
Beyond the gates, for there is Hope.
And hope destroys them, the loathsome enemy
Beyond the gates, unable to cry.
Encountering at last their dark destiny
Beyond the gates, sweet it is to die.
They project tha hate of their ill fortune
Beyond the gates, screaming in agony
Admiring the scythe as it falls upon them
Beyond the gates, to live is to be.
The portal now closes, trapping all
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 1 7
Ponti di Nebbia
Ponti di nebbia
E la notte avanza, scura...
Nell' oscurita' perenne
E... ritorna la paura
Di cio' che per me mai venne.
Nel buio, dimenticato cosi'
In un insulso gioco dannato
Mai piu' mi trovero' li'
Nel dubbio, dal rimorso attanagliato.
Ma il passo e' fermo
Il cuore e' forte,
E libero in questo inferno
Non arrivero' alla morte.
Un ponte si para di fronte a me
Opaco, diafano, ed io lo fisso.
Posso solo domandarmi il perche'
E mi preparo ad attraversar l' abisso.
Ma l' abisso si apre, sotto di me.
La vita mi ha finalmente dato ragione
Dopo aver giurato fede a te.
Sono entrato in un mondo senza colore.
I tuoi occhi come fari nella notte
Il ponte di nebbia una fonte di orrore.
E tu, rivelatati portatrice di morte
E solitaria stella del dolore.
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 1 5
The ephemeral nature of water.
Transparent, colorless. Flows, runs, lives
The ephemeral nature of glass.
Transparent, colorless. Shatters and breaks, flies and dies.
Shattered, that glass will never be fixed.
To flow like water, still a utopian mirage.
To flow like the blood that once ran through my veins
To avoid the dark destiny of a shattered living
A dream. A mere mirage, in a desert of pains.
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 0 0
Walking alone on a dusty road
Breathing heavily, walking slow
Burdened by this heavy load
Hoping to avoid that crippling blow.
The wind now rises, a chilling scream
Permeates the air of this lonely aisle.
And dust begins to move, an unholy stream
Of nightmares, merging in a pile.
And he walks past that perilous way
Keeping his head high, doing what he must,
Believing that one day even He may
Forget about the plight of DUST.
The dust disappears, lost in the sands
Of time, only one shadow is still cast.
Nothing must be, nothing still stands
Nightmares of ages that now are long past.
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 1 0
Per un' amica preziosa.
Per un' amica preziosa
A true friend, a loving maiden
Always gives her helping hand
Love and friendship she will muster
Nothing exists that she will not mend.
The love of such womanhood
Is as brilliant as a precious stone.
Her smile is true, devoid of falsehood,
Her voice is clear, a loving tone.
Alas, her presence is too far
While her essence stands here, with me
And she helps me to survive...
Yet, such things cannot always be.
I can see that she is still standing
Next to me, showing me her love.
Her friendship is everlasting,
Pure, with the beauty of a white dove.
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 0 2
A song for the Damned
A song for the Damned
I am what I am, a follower of untruth
A child of the damned, a boon of lost youth.
The seeds of this evil have already been sown,
And now I dwell into the depths of the unknown.
Seraphic lights are useless to me,
Mere reflections of the things that be.
The crimson skies are now open, alas!
My soul is tainted, shattered like glass.
Hellish gates are now open, the one and only door,
Tearing apart the weak essence of a soul.
No more illusions, now I can't witness the blue...
I see dreams of Atlanteans, and long-lost Mu.
Like myself, they were children of their age
And, not unlike me, they succumbed to rage...
What remains of them is rubble on this path...
A true personification of God and His wrath.
I resign myself to an eternity of doom,
I wish there had been no such perilous boon.
And as I prepare to cross that portal,
Azrael's eye closes, and thus passes another mortal.
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 1 0
Wind and Rain
Wind and Rain
Vento e pioggia sul mio volto,
A lasciar sui vecchi solchi
Delle lacrime e del rimorso
Il nulla, e la tristezza dell' oblio.
Aqua fons vitae, dolce purificatrice
Libera questo corpo dal temibile amore.
Stappato all' affetto eterno della genitrice
Nulla ho piu' provato, se non dolore.
Il vento spira, e in un turbine s' innalza
La smania d' amare, vera sterminatrice
Del pensiero e della saggezza, rimaste
Uccise da tale forza distruttrice.
Una vita dedicata a cio' che non importa,
Un viso rivolto a cio' che e' ormai morto.
Ed all' attraversamento della perigliosa porta
L' illusione di un' anima che abbandona il corpo.
Ma il vento spira ancora, le lacrime non scendono,
I solchi non si chiudono, rimango in quest' Inferno.
Il libro resta aperto, e per coloro che non piangono
La morte non arriva, ma il dolore e' eterno.
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 0 0
Fragments by LightsideLuce Fragments :iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 0 2 Blood of the Kings by LightsideLuce Blood of the Kings :iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 2 3 A Present from R'lyeh by LightsideLuce A Present from R'lyeh :iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 0 0
Addio, mio dolce amore.
Questa colomba bianca
Viene alfin a liberarmi il cuore
Recando sollievo ad un' alma stanca.
Addio mio dolce amore.
Pace, un' utopia desiderata,
La forza estinta di quel calore,
Addio, mia dolce amata.
Le piste accidentate di una vita
La decorano infin di gioie e di dolori.
A volte, pero', si conclude la partita...
E la vita smette di essere un cerchio di colori.
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 0 10
Sichel und Tod
Sichel und Tod
Dead but still breathing,
Sheer desire to dive
Into the depths of suffering,
Sweet Death might yet arrive.
The dream that seemed so bright yesterday
Will nonetheless crumble tomorrow
Leading a man ultimately astray
Seeing only Pain, and his companion, Sorrow.
No power to regret all now,
That man, once he follows his way
Is listening to his heart drown.
The sun will not shine today.
Hope everlasting, chaos and oblivion,
Annihilation of Self, will ultimately bind.
Death awaits, powerful is Her minion
Delightful Lethe, to destroy a man's mind.
He hears voices saying "the time may yet come"...
Denying it, screaming "no, it cannot", not anymore...
A man is at last, helplessly alone...
And he finds himself knocking on Death's door.
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 0 2
Yes, Sir.
Yes, Sir.
Crossing the valleys,
Crawling on the ground,
A rifle in my hand,
My heart is now bound.
Awaiting reinforcement
To sustain my wrath,
Will have no replacement.
There! An enemy on my path.
Identify him. Yes, Sir!
Target him. Yes, Sir!
I see he is a man,
A man just like me.
His uniform is stained
With the signs of combat
His face is pale, drained
But he still marches forward.
Halt! And I see that he lurches to a stop
Then he motions to shoot... but... no...
A blaze from my hand sends him flying back,
Looking through the darkness and at the stars above.
You have done well, boy.
You will get a medal...
You completed your mission...
You will be seeing your home...
I killed a man, that's all I have seen
A creature of God, another human being
Only one cry still lingers, far, in the night...
The moon is still shining... and it seems so bright...
Yes, Sir.
:iconlightsideluce:LightsideLuce 1 1


+ Maned Wolf + by Tebyx + Maned Wolf + :icontebyx:Tebyx 19 9 Tacendia Iconic Group by RedBladeStudios Tacendia Iconic Group :iconredbladestudios:RedBladeStudios 7 2 Apollo Promises Rain - for Jul by mree Apollo Promises Rain - for Jul :iconmree:mree 310 101
Happy Thought
This morning, in that place between wakefulness and sleep, I had a really nice thought. The thought gave way to a feeling of calm and content that I've been praying for. I haven't been feeling the greatest recently. Sometimes I've known why that is and sometimes I haven't, but today this thought made me feel optimistic. I don't know if it's a shadow of things to come or not, and I expect I might be disappointed if it turns out to be just a thought or just a dream. But it gives me some courage now and for that I am thankful to God because I am a sad and depressed person and I know that my only joy is given to me by my Creator.
The thought I had was something I might have normally given little thought or consideration. I often think of such things. But this time my thought seemed almost real and very possibly -- usually these sort of things feel foolish and impossible -- not so this time. Here's my thought:
I awake one morning and look about my room. The sunlight pours through my win
:iconserotonein:SEROtoneIN 2 1
Who Else
I want you so, could you not see?
When you were sitting next to me
That every twist and wink and glance
I hoped and feared you'd catch by chance --
That you'd come to and realize
To feel the love-beams in your eyes
But if you had, you'd shy away
Though just as far as yesterday
It's how we talk and carry on
I know our painful times are gone
I see your love impart to me
A tear for something you don't see
Who else lights up when you come around?
Who else to you for'er is bound?
Accepts your enigmatic charms
Whose world's complete when you're in his arms
:iconserotonein:SEROtoneIN 6 24
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